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Jeni's Testimonial - HicksNutrition

Jeni Morgan

I returned to weight lifting in June 2016.  I was reaching 50 and I wanted to build and maintain muscle mass, I was also concerned about osteoporosis.

I’ve always been sporty; hitting the gym, running 10ks and the odd triathlon..  I had my son at 36 and was immediately  diagnosed with breast cancer, so going to the gym wasn’t high in my list of priorities.  I have neuropathy to chest wall and upper inner arms, my axilla is corded and I’ve had breast reconstructive surgery.

A friend referred me to Tom in February, my diet was good, but I wanted to ensure I was eating as well as I could to maximize my efforts in the gym.  I also wanted to lose a few excess menopausal pounds.

Tom put together a personalized plan which I have followed for 6 months. I lost 10 lb during this time. However, whilst I have lost fat, I’ve gained muscle and strength 🙂 Toms plan wasn’t restrictive, he put me on 1500/1600 calories a day with the aim of me training 4 times a week.  Following a reverse diet, I am now on 2,000 calories a day and I’m still adding slowly as I’ve not reached a tipping point. My weight is stable at 54 kg, I’m 5 6.

I’ve had set backs, I was diagnosed with early onset (aged related) L5 problems where I had neuropathy in my left foot. I was advised not to lift for 1\2 months. Now I’m back ‘on it’ and feel stronger.

My long term goal remains the same, to be as strong and healthy as I can … And to do an unassisted chin up 😉 I’m nearly there!